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"With one resume and one interview NVS landed the perfect job for my needs along with providing all the essential support to excel. Thanks NVS, you helped strengthen my faith with an answered prayer"

- Corey M

"My name is Chantal and I worked with Northern Vocational Services from 2004-2006 and they helped me find a job that I love and I am still working there today! They supported me with giving me a job coach and now I am responsible for helping to train new employees and working without supervision. Thank you."

- Chantal M

"We encourage all our clients to use Northern Vocational Services. Not only do we get results but our clients are treated fairly and are respected."

- Dan Deschenes, Positive Steps

"Hello my name is Derek. Northern Vocational is a great organization to work with if you have a disability. They are the nicest people ever and very professional in their field. Some of the experiences that I had with them were very good like when they found me a janitorial job for the University of Sudbury and they helped with a job coach and it helped me very much. Now I have the confidence to work in any field that I feel would be appropriate for me. Also they found me a good summer job for Costco they even came to my interviews with me if I needed help. Also helped me with transportation get around no problems. They guided with anything involving work and now I'm in better hands."

- Derek C

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