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About Our Team

Why Us?

Together, our team boasts expertise in social work, employment, developmental services, child and youth work, health promotion, and client advocacy. We are a passionate multi-disciplinary organization that is dedicated to the successful employment of our clients.

Job Development & Job Retention Team

An employment counsellor's primary responsibility is to assist clients who face physical, emotional, psychological, and learning challenges find suitable employment. This requires thorough understanding of a client's barriers, as well as the needs of the workplace. Analyzing individual factors such as education, experience, skills, interests, and values as well as personal limitations, our Employment Counsellors establish a solid conceptual basis that is tailored to the person’s circumstances, and assist in determining the direction of their job search.

Sylvie Larocque

Northern Vocational Services, Inc. was founded in 1992. Sylvie is fully bilingual and brings a unique perspective to the mission based on insightful vocational assessments and extensive study of employers’ requirements.

Jackie Miller - Manager of Employment Services

Courtney Lamarche - Assistant Manager of Employment Services/ Employment Counsellor

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